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Aware of the plight faced by endangered species like the wild African elephant, and presented with the opportunity to participate in a conservation initiative, Alex Beard establishes The Watering Hole Foundation with the immediate goal of supporting the construction of an anti-poaching security outpost in Kenya. Alex begins raising funds through the sale of his own artwork to go toward the construction of the outpost. 

Emeril Lagasse Foundation art and charity collaboration for "Boudin, Bourbon and Beer" and "Carnival du Vin"



Save The Elephants: The Outpost at Naracha Ndogo

The Watering Hole Foundation completes its fundraising initiatives and sends financial support to the Northern Rangelands Trust (The NRT) in Northern Kenya to build a security and observation outpost at Naracha Ndogo. In the Mokogodo Hills overlooking the Ilngwezi Plateau, the outpost is to be manned by members of the Mokogodo Maasai, a tribe indigenous to the area, and backed up by the NRT’s existing security and developmental structure. The outpost at Naracha Ndogo will protect a vital passage for the migratory path of the elephants in the North, keeping the herds safe and the poachers out.



The Watering Hole Foundation Weekend

A multi-day event held in the spring, designed to raise awareness and funds, the revenue from which supports the WHF’s Fall programming.


Drawing the Line

Alex Beard purchases the rights to a documentary, Drawing the Line, which chronicles his efforts to help preserve elephants in Kenya. The WHF then screens the film at The Explorer’s Club in New York City. The Foundation raises $15,000 at the event, which it donates to Kenya-based conservation organization, LEWA.



The Painting of Life, A Drawing the Line Event

In April, Alex participates in the Frenchmen Street Art Market in New Orleans, an outdoor, nighttime market featuring local artists. The Market expands for three weekends to capture additional public visiting during Jazz Fest. The WHF capitalizes on the opportunity for increased visibility by screening Drawing the Line each night the Market is open. Alex also uses the venue as a public setting to publicize an online art auction to raise money for The WHF, some of which is earmarked for the Northern Rangelands Trust. At the same time, Alex uses the venue begin work on The Painting of Life, a new, 105 square-foot painting, the sale of which will support The WHF. Alex sells The Painting of Life for $40,000, the proceeds from which go to The WHF.


Drawing the Line Film Screening Events

September 19th and 21st, 2015 – A screening of Drawing the Line was held at the G2 Gallery in Los Angeles to raise awareness about the plight of endangered species. On behalf of The Watering Hole Foundation, Alex Beard donated an embellished print of The Painting of Life, which was auctioned off with monies going to The LEWA Wildlife conservancy. A second, identical event was then held on September 21st at the Fort Mason Center Firehouse in San Francisco.


October 5th, 2015 – An additional Drawing the Line event took place at The Brooke Club in New York City, which also featured a lecture by Alex Beard to raise awareness about the plight of endangered species.


October 7th, 2015 – The LEWA Wildlife Conservancy hosted Alex Beard for their Gala in New York City and auctioned off a conservation safari led by Alex Beard in Kenya to support LEWA and the Northern Rangelands Trust.

Emeril Lagasse Foundation

Annual art and charity collaboration for "Line, Wine and Dine"


Spring and Summer, 2016 - Ana for Elephants Campaign

Social media campaign to promote awareness of the the plight of the endangered African Elephant.  Resulted in a donation made to the Ngare Ndare Trust and Lewa Wildlife Conservancy 


April and May, 2016 - Jazz Fest Elephant Event

In cooperation with New Orleans artist Jacques Dufforc and social media campaign engineer Ana Finger of Ana for Elephants, Alex Beard built a life size elephant out of papier mache during an awareness event and fundraiser.on the grounds of New Orleans' Jazz and Heritage Festival and at the open art venue The Art Garage.  

November, 2016 - LEWA Gala Dinner at The Colony Club, NYC

November, 2016 - On Camel Safari

Fundraiser during Alex Beard's On Camel Safari art exhibition at the George Billis Gallery in NYC to benefit The LEWA Wildlife Conservancy

December, 2016 - Coalition to Restore Costal Louisiana

Art collaboration effort to save Louisiana coast, The NOLA Gator project


October, 207 - LEWA Gala Dinner at The Explorer's Club, NYC

November, 2017 - Emeril Lagasse Foundation

Annual art and charity collaboration for "Boudin, Bourbon and Beer" and "Carnival du Vin"

December, 2017 - Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana 

Art collaboration effort and fundraiser to save Louisiana Coast, The Oyster Platter project



Alex Beard is an artist, adventurer, author, filmmaker, traveler, and animal conservationist.


His work figures prominently in several private and public collections, and he has exhibited extensively throughout the United States, including solo exhibitions in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and abroad in Hong Kong.


Raised in a family that fostered philanthropy, creativity and exploration – Alex’s uncle Peter Beard is the acclaimed wildlife photographer and conservationist, and his mother, Patricia Beard, is an accomplished author and magazine editor – Alex studied classical drawing and painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and oil painting at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Art.  He is best known for his elaborate wildlife compositions in his signature style of gestural painting, which he has coined “Abstract Naturalism.” Through the combination of abstract expressionism and naturalist environmental art, Alex layers abstract lines with the golden ratio and the intrinsic way animals move in nature.


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