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In 2006, Alex founded “Kids’ Day,” welcoming children and their parents into his studio on Saturday mornings to participate in the creative process. Since then, Alex has created art with tens of thousands of children and their parents. Capitalizing on the success this program, The Watering Hole Foundation sponsors elementary and middle school visits to combine the creation of art with learning about endangered wildlife and the environment.
Click here to inquire about hosting a Kids' Day at your school.


Grant Making


The Watering Hole Foundation identifies local and international conservation projects in need of financial support and raises funds to benefit those efforts. Past grants have contributed to the construction of an elephant outpost in Northern Kenya. The WHF is developing infrastructure to manage an ongoing, open cycle grant program to support these local conservation agencies.

Conservation Safaris


Watering Hole Founder and Executive Director, Alex Beard, travels to Northern Kenya to lead walking, camelback, and motorized conservation safaris. These educational safaris foster awareness of the plight of endangered animals and environments, each species’ role in the African ecosystem, and an understanding of conservation and anti-poaching efforts undertaken to preserve the region’s wildlife.

Local Conservation Initiatives


The Watering Hole Foundation partners with New Orleans and Louisiana-based groups to support local conservation efforts designed to help save the state's coastal wetlands.


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